Execution Farming?  
Kenneth Frawley

One day, on a Southern California freeway, a lorry, or bobtail-sized truck, was driving along, as regularly happens. However, it was not the regular of trucks. For attached to each side of its tall cargo areas was affixed, a single gargantuan, and disgustingly horrific photograph of an aborted fetus.  Now,  although the individuals responsible for making such a dramatic public statement have the right to do so, their protest, or argument, leaves far too much out of the debate. Thus, rather rudely simplifying an important issue without full consideration. For surely, despite the protestor's assertion, the issue of abortion is not black and white. 

Firstly, and it does matter, what were the circumstances regarding the fetuses used in the snaps on the truck? Clearly, they are meant to shock and shame society for one of its ills, as the protestor sees it. Yet, again, what were the circumstances that required such drastic action. Was the fetus the result of incest? Was the fetus the result of rape? Was it determined that the fetus was infected with down syndrome? Was the fetus the result of prostitution? Was the infected with AIDS? Was the fetus permanently damaged by the mother's drug use? 

The list of possible scenarios can go on, all of them tragic. Yet to understand that there are circumstances that support the choice of abortion, does not mean that one is advocating abortion as a cure-all. Abortion is not, and was never, meant to be seen as such. Therefore, a woman’s right to make that desperately difficult choice must remain, fundamentally, with her, whether society likes it or not. And, more poignantly, one never sees a throng of women's rights advocates gathered outside a medical clinic to cheer the proceedings. Quite the contrary. Such an occurrence is traumatic, devastating, and very personal.

Yet, on the subject of cure-alls, and even more odd, are the many fundamental-pundit-louts who advocate the death penalty as a cure-all for crime. Curiously, they are all too often the same narrow-thinking lot that incorrectly, and dangerously, simplifies the issue of abortion. More disturbingly, all too often, that same simple, medieval-minded, pro-execution-fundamentalist lot can be found outside a prison cheering on holy execution day. Sadly, it truly never occurs to these zealot-zombies that maybe, just maybe, an abortion could be as responsible an act as one of their beloved executions?  

The zealots scream and plead and even assault people for advocating abortion, yet they are nowhere to be found after the poor soul, who mistakenly heeds their rhetoric and, in spite of her advanced state of poverty and drug addiction, elects to go through with the pregnancy.  Back on planet earth, that mother is probably not going to be the perfect 1950s American suburban wife.  More importantly, a child born into such circumstance is highly likely to be raised in an environment that is nothing more than a breeding  ground for the likes of a future Ted Bundy!

Such pro-life fundamentalist dimwits have no business making this choice their business when they have absolutely no intention of making the child their business.  In fact, they ought to be ashamed of themselves.  For, in actuality, there is no difference between them and dead-beat-dads. They're happy that seed's been planted and that it has sprouted, but they are long gone as soon as the real work begins.  Yet, on the other hand, maybe there is a method to their madness after all.  Like farmers who plant seed in autumn for a springtime harvest, maybe this is how these so-called morality horticulturists ensure they’ll have plenty of people to slap into the electric chair in future.  Like corn, they grow criminals to feed their hunger for their warped sense of so-called justice.