Caroline Ngo
HU090 – E/Frawley
Research Paper: Edward Bernays
January 27, 2009

Edward Bernays

            Edward Bernays created an image for himself to be remembered as the father of public relations of manipulation. He did not think of manipulation in a negative context, he thought of it as a great ability of leadership. Bernays was named one of the 100 most influential Americans. He was influenced by his Uncle Sigmund’s ideas of unconscious, and combined it with propaganda within society. The use of propaganda allows the public to be able to see the different aspects of the world through someone else’s point of view. Bernays explains in order to influence a group, a leader should be influenced first and the crowd will follow. He labeled himself different from what an ad agency would do. The use of propaganda and news were his main uses in his business. His power to persuade people became ideas that had been developed to be used as guidelines to be successful. His books explained how his thoughts come about and how the human brain works. His opinion of the government shaping the way society’s thoughts of what they believe in can be done by anyone.

        Bernays created the “tie-in” strategy that allowed promotion of one product to be linked to another product. Bernays created products with different color and design in order to catch a consumer’s eye when the product was visible in stores. He advertised through different crowds of interest in order for a successful turnout. Bernays passed away in March of 1995; a legend to the public relations industry, shaping what it is today. Some of the public might have found his brilliant thoughts offensive, and others found Bernays as a genius. His uses of thoughts were powerful and used them wisely to have a successful career.