Angel Ramirez
Narrative Paragraph Final

Old Bum

            The old man is a Vietnam veteran, about sixty years old, very rugged, wearing the same dirty army camo-coat. He has no home, no family; he lives in a disgusting alley in the Bronx, New York. The only way he makes money is by going dumpster to dumpster, picking out soda cans to sell. One particular night, the old man sees an all black 2005 Mercedes Benz pull up beside a dumpster. A man dressed in an all white suit, looks to be in a hurry. He gets out the car, quickly looks at his surroundings. The old man swiftly hides underneath a broken down rusty school bus, still peeking at the man. The man in white see the coast is clear, grabs a brief case, hurls it into the dumpster, gets back in the car and speeds off. The old man creeps out and dashes towards the dumpster. He sees the brief case, takes hold of it, and scurries back to his alley. The old vet anxiously breaks open the brief case by slamming it against the ground. He looks inside with tears of joy. Suddenly his face turns to disappointment as he finds it was last yearís Readerís Digest Magazines.