A Letter to Charles Darwin
by: Colin McGinley 

Dear Mr. Darwin,

             I apologize for the tardiness of this letter, but you passed away quiet a few years before I was born.  I want to start out by saying what an inspiration you were to me as a young boy.  Reading The Origin of Species changed my life and started me off on my quest for scientific fact.  Having said that, I wonder how you would view America today, and its current progress, or lack of it.

             The people of my time are the walking undead. Eager to follow any trend seen on television or read in a magazine.  Wait a minute! I donít think anyone actually reads anymore.  You are probably asking yourself, what is a television?  That is my point.  Americans today are hopelessly uneducated and ignorant of the world.  There is no originality and even less creative thinking in terms of science, mathematics, history and art.  It truly is a scary time to be living.

             Following your findings in the Galapagos Islands, your theories on evolution changed the world for a brief moment in time.  Now, people actually doubt that evolution even exists.  These are the people who frighten me the most.  How can you wake up everyday and not believe that we all evolved through millions of years of adaptation and mutation to be better suited for our environment?  How can a person not read scientific data that chimpanzees and humans share ninety-five percent of the same genetic code and not believe that we evolved from apes?  The prime example of this disbelief is our current president.  George W. Bush has to be the most ignorant man I have ever seen.  How can the leader of the supposed free world go on national television and say he does not believe in evolution.  Mr. Darwin, if you were alive today, I believe you would ask for a meeting with Mr. Bush and smack him in the head with your walking stick.  Maybe this would increase his intelligence.

             George W. Bush is not the only one in disbelief.  There is a portion of this country called Middle America.  The people there are the people who would scare you the most.  Most call themselves Born-Again or Evangelical Christians.  They are bible-thumping, preaching, judgmental assholes, who would throw the first stone instead of using logical and rational thought.  They truly believe that evolution did not, and does not, occur. They also contend that the world was created in seven days and there is no disputing it.  What a crock!  How did it come to this in this day and age?  I blame this lack of education and forward thinking on the school systems.  They are failing Americaís youth.

             There is hope for us. A change is bustling in the undergrowth of the country.  People are starting to talk again about what is important and what is logical.  We are currently trying to decide, in this country, who we want for a new president and itís causing a lot of conversation, which I think is good.  If we donít communicate then how will we learn from one another?

             Sir, I wish you were here today to help the American people.  You might be able to change a few minds about who we are, and were we come from.  Although, to see the mindless, uneducated, frozen people walking around, you might drop dead from shock.


Colin McGinley