“Your Guys’s?”
Kenneth Frawley


Sorry? What was that? Did you say "Your guys’s?" 

Or was that "Your guys'?" 

Or was that "Your guyses?"

Was that even English? Hearing that all-too-common, and horribly incorrect phrase, is nearly as bad as listening to Sarah Palin oft repeat "also, too!" Like fingernails on a chalkboard, that is simply horrendous, and ignorant! Yet more concerning is the acceptance of the your guys phrase, even in industry, amongst many so-called professionals.  

How is it that adults, many of whom claim to have been highly educated, still cannot manage to sort out the correct manner in which to phrase a reference to a group of people. It's not complicated! Really! Instead of continually making such an embarrassingly ignorant language gaffe, why not simply replace your guys's with your guys? or, your people? Even, your peoples' would be better, if the possessive form is actually required. 

Don’t go about squawking over the use of English only in the US if there isn't a command of the language in the first place.