Traffic was exceptionally annoying 
Adding insult to injury, my needed ramp was under renovation, forcing me to find another route, 
Which would not occur unless I could somehow manage to maneuver through the nightmarish delta of cars
Funneling and flowing through the great bottleneck, commonly known as the height of rush hour.

Yet to my further frustration and horror, I was confronted with the visual news that my lane was ending
I must merge left immediately 
But the selfish lout in the oafish minivan-monstrosity
Some two car lengths behind me

Does not want to allow me in, despite the ending of my lane

So, to prevent my entry into his lane, he swooshes past, cutting me completely off 
I slow to a crawl
As he races past, I can’t help but notice that the entire rear windscreen of his behemoth is covered
With some sort of see-through American flag, with a caption at the bottom reading:
“United we stand!”


Surely, the concept of unity is much more than a mere rallying cry
Or the act of placing a window decal, or a bumper sticker on one's car 
And it extends far beyond the simple need to bond together against a particular common enemy  
Unity is a far greater notion than that

Unity is a feeling of closeness, a kinship with one's fellow citizens, at ALL times
Simply being an American does not make one united
Unity is respect, even though you may differ in opinion here and there
Unity is holding the door open, yielding the right of way for your fellow “Unitarians
Unity is caring, politeness, consideration, and friendship
It is reaching out, helping and sharing, at all times

Unit is more than a pretty word, it is devotion and commitment
It's giving
It's compassion
It's growth
It's humanity

What unity is not, is a license to blatantly hate others
Nor is it reason enough to wage war against another people
For deception and manipulation have no place within it
Such, pseudo-unity's formation is held together solely by that common-enemy-adhesive,
Which easily separates when wet

Unity is more than mourning together
It is support and a trying, collectively, to understand
It is not the destruction of workforce pension plans
To satisfy individual and corporate greed
Unity is idealism

"United We Stand", you say?
Sadly, unity is horribly misunderstood
Thus, in the end, perhaps, unity is merely a pipe dream