Student Work

Brilliant Student Work!

A Glimpse into Persian Culture
by: Farokhi Farimah
Set Force to the Motion
Justin Von Bargen
The Time in Iraq
Justin Von Bargen
Nikola Tesla
Michael Ballesteros
Project #1 Examples
by: Visual Language & Culture Students

Nadal v Djokovic
by Emad Raza

How to make Chocolate Truffles
by: Juan Fregos

Letter to Charles Darwin
Colin McGinley

Atheism Commentary
Alexander Ruizo

Project #5 Examples
by: Visual Language & Culture Students

WardenClyffe Tower
Wesley Greenhalgh

Drifting Away
Ashley Locke

Save The World From Devastation, Go Vegan
by: Justin Saunders

Automotive Restoration
Gabriel Corona

Third Person Narrative
Gabriel Guzman

V vs. Hannibal Lector
by: Jessica Carey

A Letter to a Drunk Driver
by: Omar Piedra

Cigars v Cigarettes
by Angel Ramirez

Outsourcing Jobs to Foreign Countries
by: Luis Lowenberg

How to Plan a Buffet
by Victoria Gad

by: Jennifer Baird

Milk In America? No!
by Amado Venegas

USC and the Architecture of the City of Los Angeles
by: Marina Umana

Destroy the Individual, Create a Machine
by: Justin Saunders

The Case Against Offshore Outsourcing
by: Zachary T. Brink

How to Avoid Plagiarism

Sample APA Essay
Stop Using Fossil Fuels!
Jon P. Sweetman
The Social Media Standard
Douglas M Marrs
Dear Rock & Roll Legends
by Prisilla Neuer
Project #2 Examples
by: Visual Language & Culture Students

Monet and Manet
by Ashley Perez

How to Successfully Pick Up Women in a Bar
by: Sima Ganaba

The Darfur Genocide
by: Aaron Castile

Le Brun, a blend of styles
by: Ryan McCullough

by: Sean Anderson

The Black Plague
by Ashley Perez

The Wine Sub-Culture
by: Keith E. Coggin

How to show a Girl a Great Time on Only Ten Dollars
by: Uriban Cazare

How to roll a proper joint

Bubble and Squeak
by: Hayley Tuschhoff

Audrey Hepburn
by: Janell Williams-Harris

Puppy Mills: the Nightmare!
by: Kristin Feeny

The iPhone
by: Eduardo Orozco

Should Animal Experimentation Continue?
by: Marina Umana

Blue Collar Zombies
by Richard J. Balajadia

Interracial Dating?
by Steven Carter

Bio Diesel Fuel

Killer Traffic: How Are We Going To Survive?
by Joel Birschbach

Hopeful Cures From Stem Cell Research
by: Michael J. Burger

MSNBC and CNN: Different Styles of Writing
by: Brooke Barton

Darrick on Film

Understanding Stem Cell Research
Sean Hale
Columbia Race Riots
Death of Silent Film
Michael Farkas-Jones
Nicolae Ceauşescu
by: Ashley Perez
Project #3 Examples
by: Visual Language & Culture Students

Childhood Obesity
by: Priscilla Vega-Diaz

Van Gogh: “Café Terrace at Night”
by: Yakir Garavelas

Stem Cell Survey
Michael T. Wiley

Stem Cell Research
by Erik Florin and Roger Tanisaki

Stop the Hunger
by: Nancy Le

Being There
by Stephanie Torio

Edward Bernays
by: Caroline Ngo

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
by Cecilia Paz

Led Zeppelin
by: Hayley Tuschhoff

Mad Magazine
by Kyle Holub

Alternative Fuels
by Christian Warton-Eyers

Gem Ethnographic Survey
by Julian Garcia

Hugo Boss
Cecilia Paz

Miller Lite VS. Newcastle Brown Ale
by: Daniel Cobb

Sports Photography
by: Daniel Gonzales

Old Man
by Angel Ramirez


The Clinton and Bush Presidencies  
by: Jareth

Bouillabaisse - An Eclectic Seafood Stew
by: Becky Hulbert

Outsourcing: Beneficial or Detrimental?
by: Stephen Harries

The Frawley interview!

The Hazards of Western Religion
Alex Ruiz
Size Does Matter
Emma Hernandez
Democracy in America
Kevin Hagan
Letter to Julius Caesar
by: Daniel Briggs
Project #4 Examples
by: Visual Language & Culture Students

Charles 'Buddy' Bolden

How to get your paper shredded in Frawley’s class
by: Federico Sanchez

Media & Eating Disorders
by: Sonia Valencia

Why Not Use Solar Power?
by: Aban, Orozco, Castile, Urena, Lopez

The Eloi Effect
by: Brett Duncan

Renoir, A Change of Styles
by: Ryan McCullough

Drilling For Oil in ANWR
by Kyle Erney

Quality: Meat & Produce in South Central Los Angeles  
by: Monica Sheleay

The Untold Story of Hawaii
by: Mike Livingston

How to get drunk with beer
by: Jesus Nunez

Ruins of the Ancient World
by: Steve Mancia

Performance Enhancing?

Ruins of the Ancient World
by: Steve Mancia

Global Warming: A Global Concern
by: Jareth Arroyos

by Johnnie Stinson

Factory Farming

DUI equals drink problem?
Larissa Duron

The Time Machine
by: Ashley Perez