Suddenly the word hero is EVERYWHERE!

And just as suddenly, EVERYONE is a hero, whether they’ve done something truly heroic or not

It's rather sad, but the truth is, the word hero has suddenly become a mere marketing tool

Insurance company television commercials proclaims their ever-on-the-job-claims-adjusters are heroes

You can count on them

Alamo-Rent-A-Car suggests you take one of their cars, drive the country and

Search for heroes of your very own

Tragically, it's shameful

Like respect and trust, the badge of heroism must be earned

And no matter how you spin it, not ALL those killed in tragedies and in terrorist attacks are heroes 

Sadly, most of these are VICTIMS

Dying, alone, is not a heroic deed

If you're on the toilet and the bomb goes off

You are not a hero

You're a victim

Soldiers, firemen, police and emergency service people 

Anyone who benevolently thrusts themselves into harms way 

In an effort to rush to the aid of another

Genuinely deserve to be referred to as hero 

But to bulk ALL victims and heroes together is a GREAT disservice to ALL

All those lost as victims must lovingly stay forever with us as sad loses

Those lost in the course of their efforts to serve, save or aid MUST be recognized

To blur the line between victim and hero serves only to render the word hero meaningless

Moreover, it is an insult to those truly deserved of the honor

And hero as a marketing tool?

The ultimate insult to ALL