Eduardo Orozco
Illustrative Essay


The iPhone

The iPhone is an amazing technological wonder, the outside design is slick and well constructed that fits perfectly in the hand.  Measuring only 4.8 inches thick and 2.4 inches wide by 4.5 long, it has changed the way companies design future cell phones.    

First introduced in 2007 by Apple Inc., its purpose and design was to move away from the conventional clamshell design phones with keyboards and move into an innovated touch screen multimedia Smartphone and at the same time provide the user with a “do-it-all” cell phone for the novice, business professional and even gamer.

The outside controls are easy to use:  up and down volume, ring or silent button, sleep and wake button and Home Button.  Using it requires only a finger, since it has a touch screen that does not require a stylus or any other form to perform tasks.  To turn on the phone push the sleep or wake button on the top and slide the unlock button on the screen from left to right. Once it unlocks there are several graphical icons that are displayed, each with a symbol of what application that icon can launch.   There are also four additional frequently use icons on the lower bottom of the screen.

 The phone application icon, once this is press, will display a very user friendly interface that allows dialing directly from stored contact information or use the standard digital keypad.  It is design that once it’s placed close to the ear, the screen turns off so any other icons are not press accidentally.  A Bluetooth headset can also be use.  The Calendar icon launches, as the name applies the calendar, where all appointments, upcoming events, birthdays, and any event that needs to be remembered can be store.  The SMS icon launches the text messenger where instant text messages can be sent from the stored contact phone list.

The wonder of this phone is, not only what was covered, but it can also be use for; listening to music, play videos and movies, play games, check the weather, do a map search, use a calculator, check stocks, and even play Youtube videos.  But, the difference between this cell phone and others is that it comes bundled with a program called App Store, where one can download from a choice of over 35,000 applications ranging from: games, cooking, social networking, Bibles, books, and so on.  It also comes with a built in 2.0 megapixels camera.

The iPhone revolutionize the cell market with the touch screen and easy to use applications, it has introduced several innovative technologies that other cell phone makers are following or trying to catch up.