Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Compliance
by: Kenneth Frawley

As the very astute Mr. Clemens had observed, "man is the only animal that blushes, or needs to.So, in an effort to combat the petty and convoluted nature of the human being, and truly advance as a species, let us lose that nasty habit of making excuses for speaking plainly, or showing surprise when others reveal themselves to be misinformed, misled-sheep, obtuse, oblivious, insensitive, grasping, living in denial, untruthful, dishonest, weak, fearful, ultra-conservative, narrow-minded, saved, deceitful, shameless, selfish, phony, obsessive, safely regimented or hopelessly neurotic.

Let us refuse to fear the speaking of our minds!  Let us bravely speak out when confronted with, or by, individuals who display little or no individuality, people who blindly follow out of insecurity and fear, weak people who have not yet realised that "worship" is actually a four-letter word.

Let's stand by our own, individual, convictions, no matter what the great flock's reaction.  For, despite the flood of closed-minded reactions, it is perfectly all right to be an individual, even if that means avoiding the mainstream, which, in the end, is actually the better option.  After all, there's more to the world than ESPN, prime-time sitcoms, People Magazine, TMZ, and shopping malls.

Though the U.S. may be a nation of isolated isolationists, hoping to fulfill its utopian dream of actualizing a Pleasantville state, there is absolutely no reason an individual cannot be more, cannot possess a broader horizon, a much wider, a much deeper perspective, cannot be an individual. There is no shame in being familiar with the rest of the world (ROW) in the slightest. There is absolutely no shame in being schooled in geography, science, music and art. There is absolutely no shame in being a learned individual. Fear not the label of elitist as reference to an educated individual, for it reveals the weak, fearful, insecure, and incompetent nature of the individual slinging it.

On this unique sphere in the cosmos, there exists one great landmass after another, all deserving of recognition. Being a US citizen does not imply one is better than all others.  Nor does it  preclude one from being a citizen of the world. For, despite the mass mis-conception, and the fear inspired hope, the US is not, nor should it ever be allowed to become, a nation with blinders on; ;  a nation completely cut-off from the rest of the world.  A hermit-nation, if you will.  A nation shockingly delusional in its belief that it is Godís preferred choice of nation and inhabitants.  A nation whose ideological reality is so misguided, so self-centered, that it can easily, proudly bomb, even annihilate, any number of peoples and societies that do not share the same crippling God-fearing perspective, then attend church on Sunday with a clear, chest-proudly-out, conscience.

So hurry! Avoid joining in on the Freedom Fries ban. Get educated!  Better still, get traveled!  Move past the mainstream, past the black and white, two dimensional, canine-like vision of the Republican Party.  Turn off those uneducated, fear-mongering-loud-mouth-blowhards spinning and baffle-gabbing away, like self-intoxicated reverends, over conservative airwaves.  Appose their opposition to free-thinking.  Look to real human beings like Ghandi, Gore Vidal, Samuel Clemens, da Vinci, Van Gogh, Plato and the plethora of great minds from past and present for inspiration and understanding.

Manufacturing a common enemy to bind the US populace is not what is needed.  Don't hope for a savior, a white knight, another John Wayne, to save the day.  No, no, no!  What is needed, and needed desperately so, is a common friend. Speak out! Rage, rage, against the death penalty, warmongers, televangelists, asinine conservative agendas, isolationism, insulting trickle-down and lassez-faire politics, the NRA, TBN, CBN, ORU, MSG, aspartame, petroleum-powered and diesel engines, slaughterhouses, gossip and going-with-the-flow. Say "yes" to science, equal rights and funding the arts.  Otherwise, it's straight back to the dark ages! 

In reality, the notions of concern and compassion do not make an individual a so-called bleedin' heart or a nutcase, despite the extremely sad, puritanical-uptight majority's stunningly limited view.  Believe it or not, it is perfectly natural to concern yourself with the environment, to posses a conscience, to care about civil and human rights, and to be a truly caring human being.

So, by all means, proudly be the unique individual within. Most importantly, be a thinking individual. Question things! Question EVERYTHING.  Especially the status quo! QUESTION! QUESTION! QUESTION!    ...Actually, the brilliant playwright Paddy Chayefsky said it best--

ĒRight now,  I want you to go to the window, open it, and stick your head out and yell. "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this any more!