7 December 2007

Dear Julius Caesar,

Iím sorry I have not written to you in a long time. I have just returned from battle in Iraq. I took your advice and have finally managed to get myself promoted to officer. War has changed a lot since your time. There is still strategy involved, but war has gotten a lot less civilized. Instead of fighting a man face to face, we shoot enemies when they least expect it. One soldier could kill another from a mile away by using a modern arrow, and never be in harms way. Our ballistas can not only destroy a wall, they can annihilate an entire city.

There are still bloody barbarians in my time; we call them terrorists. You would be quite surprised by how similar they are to what you fought against in your campaigns, like the Gauls, although you would never believe what these cowards are willing to subject themselves to. Now, instead of charging forward in a bloody rage, and fighting with what little honor they have, the terrorists strap explosive charges, charges that are more powerful than trebuchet munitions, to their chest and blow them selves up once they have reached our battle lines.

I tell you Julius I do so wish you were here. You were never shy to share your wisdom when it was ever so needed, and I tell you it was most certainly appreciated. We need politicians and military geniuses like you, right now, in my country. We need men that can see the big picture, while making sure all the little parts fit in the puzzle.

Well my old friend I must retire for the evening, I have a morning raid to lead. I hope to hear from you soon.

As always,

Daniel Briggs

Strength and Honor