Daniel Cobb
Transitional English
Final Draft

Miller Lite VS. Newcastle Brown Ale

             Without question, Newcastle Brown Ale is the best tasting beer in the world.

            Beer has been brewed for hundreds of years and has always come in many different styles. There is the lager style, the ale, and just the natural domestic beer.  Many college students have had the debate of which is better Miller Lite or Newcastle. 

             An interesting fact about both of these beers is that, Miller Lite contains ninety-six calories per twelve ounce bottle, and Newcastle only contains one-hundred and fifty per twenty ounce glass.   Many people believe that Newcastle contains more alcohol per serving because it is a darker beer but, both have the same amount of alcohol content 4.5% per serving.  Newcastle and Miller Lite both have the clever slogans to drawn in their customers and to keep the coming back for more, Newcastle’s is “The One and Only” and Miller Lite’s is “Miller Lite, Good Call”.

            While Newcastle has a long tradition, being brewed since 1890, Miller Lite has only been around for thirty years. The price range differs from every bar for each one of these beers, the average price for a sixteen-ounce glass of Miller Lite is three dollars and twenty-five cents, and the same size glass for a Newcastle is six dollars and fifty cents.  The reason that Newcastle is more expensive, besides being better tasting and smoother, is the fact that it is imported from England.  While both beers are brewed similar, using nearly the same ingredients, each company has their own special brewing secrets and special ingredients. 

            Both of these companies have been known to win awards, Newcastle’s first came in 1928 at the International Brewers’ Exhibition in London.  Since Miller Lite hasn’t been around for so long they have won only a few, their first coming in 1996 at the World Beer Cup, for best American style light lager.  The reason that Miller Lite is spelled “lite”, instead of “light” is that, all other light beers are too filling and Miller Lite isn’t, according to their owner, Fredrick Miller.

            Newcastle has that extra smooth full flavor has been known to associate with higher class people but is also loved by many beer lovers as well.  While Miller Lite is cheap and you can get quantity over quality, yes it is less filling but does it have to be less tasteful as well?  So the college kids seem to lean a little more towards Miller Lite for its cheapness, but definitely not for its taste.  But if they were smart they would chose the greatest tasting beer in the world “The One and Only” Newcastle.